Students academically dismissed from Western Washington University who are interested in returning to pursue a degree are required to petition for reinstatement. The Academic Advising & Student Achievement Center's team of advisors is here to guide you through the reinstatement process and help you prepare your petition. The Scholastic Standing Committee is comprised of appointed WWU faculty whose role is to determine if a student is ready to return to Western Washington University after academic dismissal. Two of the most significant factors the committee considers are: strong performance in courses taken since dismissal and a clear and realistic plan of study.

Consider your time away from Western as an opportunity to reflect on your academic work to date, assess your skills and interests, and develop realistic, achievable goals. Greater self-awareness will help you prepare a strong personal statement and increase your chances of academic success when you resume your studies at Western.

Navigating the reinstatement process can be complex, with multiple options and decisions to be considered, such as the timing of your petition and the need to create a realistic plan. Advisors in the Academic Advising & Student Achievement Center can help you develop a solid plan, including what coursework to take before petitioning that will strengthen your ability to be reinstated to Western. Advisors also encourage students to meet with them again, prior to submitting a petition. If you have petitioned for reinstatement before, you are required to meet with an advisor from the Academic Advising & Student Achievement Center before petitioning again. Additionally, it is important to seek advising from the department that you intend to major or minor in. Advising from these individuals regarding major declaration and course selection is crucial to a strong petition.

Fresh Start: Undergraduate students who have been away from Western for five or more years (including summer courses and coursework through Outreach and Continuing Education [OCE]) may be given permission to start a new cumulative grade point average upon reinstatement. If you think you may be eligible for Fresh Start, be sure to meet with an Advisor before enrolling in any Western courses, including summer quarter and OCE. If it is determined that you are eligible for Fresh Start, then it will be applied to your record during the reinstatement processing and will be noted on your academic history.  You do not need to request Fresh Start separately through the Registrar’s Office if being reinstated. Learn more about the Fresh Start policy by visiting the Registrar’s Office Records and Grading site and selecting Fresh Start.

Path 1 – Guaranteed Reinstatement

  • Completed a minimum of 4 transferable courses which result in a letter grade (see “Taking Coursework While Dismissed” section)
  • Completed a minimum of 15 quarter credits
  • Earned a 3.3 cumulative GPA in all transferable courses since dismissal

Students can submit Guaranteed Reinstatement petitions up to the Friday before classes begin for any quarter (or the Thursday before, if Friday is a holiday).

Decision Timing: Unless otherwise notified, you will receive an official decision letter sent to the email on your form within five business days of receiving your petition.

Path 2 – Committee Review Reinstatement


Students may submit a petition for review by the Scholastic Standing Committee. Students applying for Path 2 are encouraged to earn above average grades in at least two courses prior to petitioning.


Committee Review Reinstatement petitions are due on the following deadlines. If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, we will accept petitions the next business day. 

Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter Summer Quarter
April 6 & July 6 October 6 January 6 April 6

Decision Timing: Unless otherwise notified, you will receive an official decision letter sent to the email on your form by the end of the month of the petition deadline.

Students can take coursework from one or more of the options listed below. Courses must result in a letter grade (not Pass/No Pass). If a student takes a course either before or after dismissal, and later repeats the same course during the time of dismissal, the most recent grade will be used to calculate the gpa for Path 1 reinstatement purposes. An advisor can help you identify the best courses to take based on your goals and interests. Plan to take at least two quarters to successfully complete courses.

  • Take transferable coursework at a two-year or four-year institution.
    • Grades completed at another institution will not calculate into a student’s Western GPA. However, as long as the courses are transferable, they can count toward requirements at Western. To verify if coursework is transferable, visit the Transfer Course Equivalency Guide. If the course is not listed, check with Western’s Office of Admissions.
    • If students repeat a course at another institution that they have already completed at Western, the original attempt will be removed from the calculation of the Western GPA. The grade of the course taken at another institution will not replace the grade at Western. For more information, see Western’s Course Repeat policy and contact the Registrar’s Office.
  • Take coursework through Outreach and Continuing Education at Western as a non-matriculated student.
    • Students can enroll in online or self-paced coursework throughout the year. In-person courses are available to non-matriculated students only during summer quarter.
    • Taking coursework through OCE will allow a student to contribute to their Western GPA.
  • Things to consider when selecting coursework while dismissed:
    • Does the course count toward any of Western’s General University Requirements (GURs) you need to fulfill?
    • Does the course count toward your major or minor of interest?
    • Do you feel you will be successful in the course?
    • Have you been away close to five years and will WWU coursework change your eligibility for a Fresh Start?

A personal statement is required for both Path 1–Guaranteed and Path 2–Committee Review reinstatement petitions. Self-awareness, reflection and goal setting are key elements for writing a strong personal statement. Personal statements are to be no more than 2 pages double spaced in 12-point font, free of spelling and grammar errors, and should include:

  • A clear description of the factors that led to dismissal
  • An explanation of the steps you have taken to address those factors
  • Clearly defined academic goals and realistic plan of study

Below are topics advisors encourage students to consider when building their personal statement:

  • What have you been doing since dismissal? Examples include: working, volunteering, taking coursework, etc.
  • How do the courses you have taken since dismissal align with your academic goals?
  • Have you earned good grades in coursework taken since dismissal? If not, you are encouraged to reference this in your statement and reflect on why you did not do as well as anticipated.
  • Have you taken steps to develop stronger study skills? If so, provide details.
  • Have you learned to manage your time more effectively? If so, provide examples.
  • If outside commitments interfered with your studies in the past, how will you ensure that this will not happen again?
  • If health or other personal challenges interfered with your ability to succeed, have you been able to overcome them?
  • What is your plan of study?
    • Do you know your intended major? If so, do you know the steps to declare and the course requirements?
    • Have you met with the department to discuss your competitiveness for the major?
    • Have you done a Degree Works evaluation that you can submit?

The following four items are required to petition for reinstatement by both paths:

  1. Petition Form - SubmitPetition for Academic Reinstatement Form
    See the
    Sample Reinstatement Petition (Printable)to prepare the information you will need to fill out your petition. 
  2. Personal Statement - Email personal statement to that includes academic goals and plan of study (see previous section titled “Personal Statement”).
  3. Reinstatement Fee - Submit a $70 non-refundable reinstatement fee. See Pay Reinstatement Fee button below.  You may complete the Request for Reinstatement Fee Waiver form if you have financial need.
  4. Transcripts - Submit official transcripts toAdmissions and unofficial copies to aacforms@wwu.edufor all coursework taken since dismissal. 

Optional Materials for Path 2 (Committee Review): Letters of support, grades for any in-progress courses, Degree Works evaluation, or any additional information that would strengthen petition. 

If you have questions or difficulties concerning the submission of your materials, please email us at