Vision, Mission, Goals and Services


We meet you where you are and support you in becoming who you aspire to be


Our mission is to engage, support, and empower students to accomplish their goals and achieve success at WWU and beyond.  

Department Goals

  • To engage with and advise students as they examine their educational and life goals
  • To provide learning assistance services that support students’ academic and personal success
  • To conduct intentional outreach efforts that support students with unique needs and identities
  • To embed accessibility, diversity, equity and inclusion best practices into our engagement with and service to students
  • To engage in partnerships with university departments and external agencies to holistically support the needs of the students we collectively serve

Primary Services

  • Academic advising and planning services to support degree completion
  • Learning assistance programs to provide additional academic and personal support 
  • Intentional outreach efforts to support students with unique needs and identities 
  • Partnerships and collaboration with colleagues across the university and external agencies to support the holistic needs of the students we serve and to provide advising related workshops and sessions