GPA Calculator

Use the calculator here to calculate your projected Western GPA based on your anticipated performance in current and future courses. This calculator takes into account Western’s course repeat policy (effective Fall 2017). If you want to incorporate transfer grades, determine you major GPA, or consider other special cases, review all available GPA resources listed at the bottom of this page.


While this GPA calculator yields accurate results, it is UNOFFICIAL. The Registrar’s Office maintains all academic records and calculates official GPAs.


Find your current GPA on your Student Academic History in Web4U > Student > Student Records > Student Academic History (unofficial transcript). Enter your current Western GPA and Western GPA Hours as shown on your Academic History. Example shown here lists Western GPA: 2.03, and Western GPA Hours: 42.000.

Screenshot of an unofficial transcript, with the GPA Hours and GPA circled
  • Enter information for each class you are taking this quarter, including the number of credits, and your expected grade.
  • Only include classes in which you will earn an A – F, or Z letter grade. S/U, P/NP, and W grades do not count towards your Western GPA.
  • If you are repeating the course, check the Course Repeat box and enter the grade earned from your most recent attempt. Note: The GPA calculator will not return an accurate value when the repeated course taken at Western changed credit value or grading mode (A – F, S/U). Do not check the Course Repeat box if the course was originally taken at a transfer institution.
  • The Quality Points column will auto-populate with the points earned for each class. These points are used to calculate your GPA.
  • On the left you’ll see your projected quarterly GPA and completed GPA hours. On the right you’ll see your projected cumulative Western GPA and GPA hours.
  • If you would like to calculate your projected GPA considering more than 10 classes, follow these steps:
    1. Calculate your projected GPA with the first 10 classes.
    2. Enter this intermediate GPA into the Current WWU GPA and GPA Hours boxes at the top of the calculator.
    3. Add the additional classes.
    4. Calculate the GPA based on the intermediate GPA and the additional coursework.

If you would like to consider an entirely new scenario, click the Reset button to clear all data entered. Otherwise, simply modify individual classes, and/or anticipated grades, and click Calculate again.

GPA Calculator

* = Required for calculation of Western GPA.

Current GPA and Hours
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Projected GPA
Quarterly results based on classes entered above Cumulative results based on BOTH current Western GPA and classes entered above
Quarter GPA Cumulative Western GPA
Quarter GPA Hours Cumulative Western GPA Hours

Additional GPA Resources

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