All Institution GPA Calculator

Use the calculator here to calculate your All-Institution GPA, combining grades earned at multiple institutions. Many departments here at Western consider this GPA when making departmental admissions decisions, as do scholarship granting organizations, and graduate schools.

Note: While this calculator computes an accurate GPA, different academic departments and scholarship granting organizations have specific calculation guidelines that are not captured here. The College of Business and Economics (CBE) at Western is one such example; review the CBE Application Guidelines online. When in doubt, ask the department.


For each institution attended, you will need to determine the following information:

a. The number of credits attempted and counted towards your GPA. At Western, on your Student Academic History (unofficial transcript) these are labeled as Western GPA Hours. At other institutions you can find this total on your unofficial or official transcript, although they may be labeled as credits or hours.

b. Your cumulative GPA. At Western, this is labeled as your Western GPA. At other institutions you can find this value on your unofficial or official transcript.

Include the Institution Name, the number of GPA Hours, and the cumulative GPA, for each institution, including Western. Be sure to select "Semester" or "Quarter" to ensure accurate calculations.

If you would like to determine how your anticipated future performance in Western classes will affect your All-Institution GPA, visit Western’s GPA Calculator first. Once you determine a projected Western GPA enter it in the calculator.


Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

All-Institution GPA Calculator
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