Academic Interest at Western

When students apply to Western, they indicate an Academic Interest of what they want to study. Many academic departments reach out to students interested in their majors with information, resources and other helpful tips as students plan. Students are able to update their Academic Interest if their interest change during their time at Western. Undeclared students should make sure their Academic Interest is accurate up until they declare that major.  

Who can update their Academic Interest? 

Any confirmed undergraduate student who is undeclared in a major can update their Academic Interest. Once declared in a major, students are unable to add or edit their Academic Interest. If a student is declared and they want to drop that major, they should contact the Registrar’s Office and/or the academic department to do so. Once that process has been completed, students can update their Academic Interest again. If a student is declared in a major and wants to add another major or minor, they should reach out to those specific academic departments to learn more, receive advising, declare, etc.  

How do I update my Academic Interest? 

Students can update their Academic Interest by going to Web4U. Under the Student menu, locate the student Records section and then Update Academic Interest. Students are able to update two academic interests.