Sawyer Jarvis

He/They, Academic/Career Advisor



B.A. Sociology, Western Washington University

Language Spoken: English

I grew up in South Burlington, Vermont (yes, I have met Bernie!) and attended Western from 2019-2022. My journey to finding Western as a student and moving from one coast to another was anything but linear. I started at a university on the east coast and dropped out shortly after. I went to the University of Vermont then transferred to my local community college, took time off, and finally found WWU!

My experience at multiple colleges and universities gave me the opportunity to work with many different Academic Advisors. I was impressed and comforted by the care and humanness Western's advisors offered me when I arrived as a student. Now, I am excited to continue to offer this support to students and their support networks as an advisor myself!

I am proudly trans, non-binary, and queer and I know how difficult navigating the higher education system can be. I am always here to help answer any questions/offer support :)