Michael Bajuk

He/Him/His, Academic/Career Advisor


B.A. in Music (WWU), B.Mus. in Music Composition (WWU), M.S. in Music Technology (IUPUI)

Language Spoken: English

Growing up in a Navy family, I lived in cities such as Charleston, Norfolk, Groton, and eventually Silverdale, Washington.  Silverdale brought me to Bellingham and Western.  Here I studied music and began a career performing in bands, teaching individual and group lessons, and working as an audio recording engineer.  Some highlights included playing on cruise ships in Alaska and the Caribbean, teaching drumming to people with Parkinson's, and audio engineering an award-winning album in Zimbabwe.  For many years, I was a faculty/staff member with Western's Dance Department serving as a music accompanist, instructor, and composer.

Throughout the 2010s, I took on opportunities as a faculty advisor at Western.  This led me to my current role as an academic advisor in the AASAC.  I LOVE to support students in their journey towards graduation.  Whether it be registering for classes, declaring a major, understanding academic policies, or determining how long it will take to graduate... I am excited to help you achieve your academic goals!