Upper Division Courses With Easier Access

Fall 2023 Course Offerings

Below is a list of upper division courses (300+ level) that have no or minimal
pre-requisite requirements.
Please note: This is not a comprehensive list of all Upper Division Courses.
*Only those listed with GUR attributes fulfill GUR requirements.
Many departments remove major restrictions at various times during Phase I and II.
For History classes, please email the Professor or Chair.

Class Number

Class Title


A/HI 391

Museum Exhibitions


AMST 301 Comparative Cultural Studies BCGM
AMST 316 Contmp African American Issues  
ANTH 301 Anthropological Theory  
ANTH 303 Qualitative Methods in Anth  
ANTH 320 Skeletons and the Occult  
ANTH 335 Quantitative Methods in Anthro QSR
ANTH 353 Sex and Gender in Culture BCGM
ANTH 361 American Indian Perspectives BCGM
ANTH 410 Archeological Analysis/Interpre  
ANTH 420 Human Osteology/Forensic Anth  
ANTH 476 Borderlands  
C/AM 302 History of the Salish Sea  
C/AM 368 Decolonize across Medicine Line  
C/AM 397M Can/Am Media Systems  
CLST 350 Greek Mythology HUM
CLST 450 Erotica: The Ancient Novel  
COMM 318 Professional Communication  
COMM 319 Health Communication  
COMM 325 Intercultural Communication  
COMM 327 Interpersonal Communication  
COMM 330 Environmental Rhetoric  
COMM 331 Advanced Public Speaking  
COMM 342 Video Workshop  
COMM 350 Emerging Commun Technology  
DISA 330 Critical Disability Studies BCGM
DNC 397H Dance in Popular Culture HUM
DSGN 348 Visual Concepts Illustration  
DSGN 349 Intro to Animation Techniques  
EAST 360 China and World Economy ACGM
EAST 375 Buddhism ACGM
ECON 303 History of Economic Thought  
ECON 310 Public Sector Economics  
ECON 311 Money and Banking  
ECON 315 Health Economics  
ECON 325 Labor Market Economics  
ECON 333 Intro to Game Theory  
ECON 343 Poptn, Envr & World Agr  
ECON 360 Intro to International Econ  
ECON 383 Environmental Economics  
ECON 384 Energy Economics  
ECON 389 Economies of the Pacific Rim  
EDUC 309 Storytelling BCOM
ENG 301 Wrtg&Public  
ENG 302 Technical Writing  
ENG 307 Seminar: Medieval  
ENG 308 Seminar: Early Modern  
ENG 309 Seminar: The Long 18th Century  
ENG 310 Seminar: The Long 19th Century  
ENG 311 Seminar: The 20-21st Century  
ENG 313 Critical Theories & Prac I  
ENG 314 Critical Theories & Prac II  
ENG 317 Survey: Medieval  
ENG 319 Survey: The Long 18th C.  
ENG 331 Studies in Gender Theory  
ENG 334 Texts/N.Am& Eur: BCGM
ENG 335 Lit. & Creative Expressions across ACGM
ENG 338 Women's Lit N Am and Europe BCGM
ENG 347 Studies in Young Adult Lit  
ENG 350 Intro to Creative Writing  
ENG 364 Introduction to Film Studies  
ENG 365 Film History  
ENG 371 Rhetorical Practices  
ENG 442 Studies in Literacy  
ENRG 352 Climate Gov Political Economy  
ENRG 391 Energy Speaker Series  
ENVS 342 Geography of World Economy SSC
ENVS 352 Climate Gov Political Economy  
GEOL 303 Dinosaurs & Their Environment SCI
HIST 310 History of Ancient Mesopotamia  
HIST 318 Medieval England  
HIST 321 Age of Religious Wars  
HIST 349 History of the U.S. South  
HIST 350 American Colonial History  
HIST 360 Hist Religion Early Amer  
HIST 366 Early American Republic  
HIST 372 Chinese History, 1800-present  
HIST 384 Palestine, Zionism, and Israel  
HIST 386 Southern Africa  
HIST 390 Subject Varies, See Browse Classes  
HIST 392 Tribal Sov & WA Hist  
HIST 408 World War II: The European War  
HIST 474 U.S. Latin American Relations  
HIST 490 Subject Varies, See Browse Classes  
HLED 350 Nutrition  
HUMA 360 China and World Economy ACGM
HUMA 362 Islam in the Indian Ocean World ACGM
IBUS 370 Intro to International Business  
JOUR 305 Photojournalism  
JOUR 330 Principles of Public Relations  
JOUR 350 Mass Media Law  
JOUR 351 Mass Media Ethics  
JOUR 397M Can/Am Media Systems  
LDST 397A Leadership Studies Theory & Appl  
LDST 416 Topics in LDSP: Social Change  
LIBR 325 History of the Book  
LIBR 341 Academic Literacies Practicum  
LING 336 Structure of English  
MGMT 311 Intro to Mgmt & Organztl Behav  
MGMT 315 Career Preparation  
MIS 320 Principles of Management Info  
MUS 302 Music & Social Justice BCGM
PHIL 310 Theory of Knowledge I  
PHIL 360 Society, Law and Morality HUM
PHIL 364 History of Philosophy: Greek  
PLSC 301 British Parliamentary System  
PLSC 308 African Political Systems  
PLSC 311 Intro to Law and Legal System SSC
PLSC 314 US Supreme Court  
PLSC 323 Black Politics in the U.S.  
PLSC 326 Policy Analysis  
PLSC 353 State and Local Politics  
PLSC 357 Health Policy  
PLSC 366 Research in Politics  
PLSC 372 Intern'l Political Economy SSC
PLSC 374 Comparative Foreign Policy  
PLSC 390 Politics of Development  
PLSC 397 Subject Varies, See Browse Classes  
PLSC 398 Immigration Politics  
PLSC 403 The European Union  
PLSC 422 Race & Pol. Identification  
REL 334 Hebrew Bible ACGM
REL 375 Buddhism ACGM
REL 378 Religion/Society in India ACGM
SALI 490 Salish Sea Community Seminar  
SCED 370 Science and Society  
SOC 302 Classical Sociological Theory  
SOC 306 Soc. Research Methods  
SOC 322 Enslaving Others  
SOC 326 Family Demography  
SOC 330 Self, Emotions, and Society  
SOC 339 Women, Sexuality, and Society BCGM
SOC 347 Gender and Development  
SOC 354 Dom Viol/Criminal Justice Syst  
SOC 356 Law Enforcement and Society  
SOC 361 Sociology of Education  
SOC 362 Sociology of Higher Education  
SOC 364 Social Stratification  
SOC 366 Colonialism, Slav. Racism ACGM
SOC 369 Sociology of Race & Ethnicity  
SOC 383 Sociology of Risk  
SOC 384 Sociology of Health  
SOC 386 Environmental Sociology  
SPED 310 Education, Culture, and Equity BCGM
SUST 471 Sustainability: Studio  
THTR 301 Sound Design  
THTR 321 3D Modeling and Design  
THTR 350 Theatre for Youth  
THTR 370 Play Direction  
THTR 380 Theatre History I HUM
THTR 384 Intro to Dramatic Writing  
THTR 428 Theatre Topics  
UEPP 350 Energy Policy and Politics  
UEPP 442 Reg Enviro & Econ Resrc Modl  
WGSS 320 Subject Varies, See Browse Classes BCGM
WGSS 339 Women, Sexuality, and Society BCGM
WGSS 367 Feminist Disability Studies