Peer Mentor Program

About the Seminar 190 Series and Peer Mentor Program

In fall 2024, Western Washington University is implementing a new year long, first year course series to support first-generation students. The office of First-Year Academic Programs will be offering a 1-credit course each term with a different focus area each quarter. Fall term (Seminar 190) will center on curricular engagement, academic success and institutional navigation, winter term (Seminar 191) will have a co-curricular theme and spring term (Seminar 192) will turn its focus to extra-curricular and community relations experiences.

The Academic Advising & Student Achievement Center hires peer mentors to support the seminar instructors with the classroom experience. In addition, the peer mentors will be assigned peer mentees from their class to meet with outside of class hours to help guide and provide resources. Peer mentors share personal experiences to assist and help ease the transition from high school and/or previous colleges to Western’s campus and to serve as a role model.

Who Can Participate in the Seminar Series?

Participation in the class series is by invitation only for first-year students who are identified in the Admissions application process as being first-generation and who are Washington College Grant eligible.

How Does It Work?

Students eligible to participate in the program will be invited to the program by the office of First-Year Academic Programs. Additional program details can be found on their website.

Want more information?

For more information about the seminar class and overall program, contact the Director of First-Year Academic Programs:

Shurla Rogers-Thibou
Phone: (360) 650-3534

For more information about the Peer Mentor Program, contact the Program Coordinator in the Academic Advising & Student Achievement Center:

Bryce Sasaki
Phone: (360) 650-2664